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Coronavirus in fashion • Altaïa

Coronavirus in fashion

Coronavirus in fashion

Coronavirus – fashion reacts to world events. At the time of the global contamination of coronavirus there are still people who take the crisis with a smile and offer the new way of dressing. As the virus is very contagious, it is recommended to use glasses instead of contact lenses (if you wear them) and cover all parts of the body, which normally can be exposed. Nevertheless we recommend a blouse with a turtleneck, to protect your neck, it could also be a pretty silk cloth or scarf – also decorative or the winter scarf (if you live at this time in the place where it is cold).


Then – even if they are not yet used on the streets in a hot climate – the gloves. In the country that has currently winter the situation is simple, put on your gloves so as not to catch the cold. In countries where the temperature exceeds 20 degrees Celsius gloves are not very popular, disposable gloves are proposed.

About the mask: the subject is a bit more difficult – even in countries where the contamination by the virus is very low, there is a strong shortage of stock. So, either you are lucky and you bought a large box of masks before the crisis, or you run down the streets to find a store or a pharmacy where you could buy a mask for the extravagant price. In any case, specialists say that the surgical mask does not protect, it is only the mean to calm the conscience.

Finally, toprotect the ankles, even if it is said that the virus is contagious through the airways, you can complete your clothing with a pair of pretty socks, which in the hot climate will make your feet sweat, but in the cold climate will pleasantly warm your ankles.

Protect yourself well, and be vigilant!


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