Altaïa? What is it?

We are passionate about uniqueness, good quality and distinction in the crowd.

We love when we know that the chance that someone in the crowd will wear our “dress” is very small and the dresses we offer are unique.

What is special about the dresses offered in our store?

The dresses are produced as much as possible from natural fabrics.

We work closely with local designers; who are up to date with world fashion, which gives us confidence that in the next season we will surprise you again :-).

The dresses are produced in very short series; today they are available, tomorrow maybe no longer there! We want to give you new items continuously, so do not hesitate if you like something.

We started our business with British fashion, but soon it became clear that fashion has no borders! That’s why our store changed name and profile – Altaïa – … enjoy fashion, surprise yourself and others, surround yourself with fashion, breathe with it!

Break the rules, cross borders.

The world is yours!

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