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Promotion platform for designers of dresses | Altaïa

Promotion platform for designers

Promotion platform for designers

Promotional platform for designers: you design dresses? This platform is for you!
You can publish your creations on Altaïa, for free. What is the benefit?


The Altaïa design promotion platform offers you the following benefits:

  • Your product will be published in 5 languages, increasing its visibility
  • Your potential customers on Facebook, Google +, Pinterest and Instagram will be notified about your product
  • Your product will be presented in the platform’s mailing list
  • Your product will appear on Google Shopping and the Shop Alike platform
  • You do not have to worry about creating your own store, promotion, maintenance and technical details
  • The translations will be done for you
  • You can remove the product whenever you feel you need to remove it
  • The product will be displayed under your brand name, with your logo

If your creation will be sold, you will send it to the Customer and email us your tracking number.

We will pay you a net price minus 20% of our commission (we pay the VAT).

(If your creation costs 250 € gross, we will pay 18.52 € VAT and we will charge 20% of the net price (231.48 € – 20% (46.30 €))). We will transfer to your account to 181.18 €. For this price you will invoice us after successful sale = if there is no refund.

Payment will be made after the 14-day European guarantee period (Customer has 14 days to return the product, without giving a reason). The product will return to you and you will inform us of its condition after return. If the condition of the product will not raise objections, we will pay the customer the refund of the purchase amount.

What do we need from you?


1. Professional photos on the model (front and back). We recommend a white background, Google positioning them higher. You don’t have  a photos from a photo session? No problem; order one here: https://www.jwl-consulting.com/fashion-photo-session/

2.  3 packshots (front, rear, closeup), the same, recommended on a white background. No packshots? No problem! Order some here: https://www.jwl-consulting.com/product-photos-packshot/

3. Description of the creation (general description, dimensions, fabric, how to care for the product)

4.Your logo in .png format

5. Your bank account number

6. Send us these 5 points by email with the text:

I agree to publish my creation(s) on the Altaïa platform, and I acknowledge that when I sell my creation(s) I will send it to the customer and I will present the tracking number to Altaïa by email.

 After sale, I will be paid the equivalent of 80% of the net price published on the platform’s website.

I understand that the payment will be made after the European guarantee period expires (14 days after the customer receives the product).

If the product returns and its condition does not raise any objections, I will not make any claim for payment of the product sold. The Altaïa platform will reimburse the customer for the purchased goods.

If the condition of the returned product is questionable, I will immediately present the photographic documentation and the Altaïa platform will contact the customer and enter in the dialog concerning return for the purchased goods.


We reserve ourselves the right to immediately terminate a co-operation with the designer in the event of a conflicting return (for example: false representation of creation’s demage when a customer claims that a creation has not been used).

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